St. Louis Park girl with muscular dystrophy inspires others to get jumping

Clara Bormann, who has muscular dystrophy, jumps double dutch. (FOX 9)

A St. Louis Park fourth grader born with muscular dystrophy is taking her skills of jump roping to new heights. As Clara Bormann challenges herself, she's become an inspiration to others.
“I love engineering and math and stuff,” said Clara.

Clara attends Aquila Elementary School in St. Louis Park.

“I want to work at NASA actually,” she said.

She was born with muscular dystrophy, a condition that can cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass throughout the body.  

“So it makes it harder for me to balance and things like that, and my energy levels get lower faster,” said Clara.

But muscular dystrophy isn’t slowing her down. Four years ago, Clara and her friends formed a double dutch team, which involves two jump ropes twirling in opposite directions. The 10-year-old is all in.

“Clara has made wonderful skill progression,” said Thomas Roberts, a physical education teacher. “She’s gone from only being able to twirl the rope to now being able to jump several times consecutively with spins and it’s just been amazing.”

She has inspired students of all ages to showcase their footwork.  

“It’s grown from four to five kids to over 100 kids,” said Roberts.

Clara continues to aim high.

“Don’t give up, keep practicing,” she said. “I think just having all the practice and having my friends’ encouragement, I think that just made it easier.”

“To me that’s why we do this and that’s why I come to school every day; I truly love what I do,” said Roberts.

Clara and her classmates are now working to raise $8,000 for the Minnesota Muscular Dystrophy Association. The funds will be used to help children living with MD attend summer camp. For more information on how to donate, click here