Snow, icy roads brings out the 'Minnesota Nice'

As much as the snow looks picture perfect, the reality of the day after a heavy snowfall can be a little ugly at times.

“Down the hill is when it started all slippery and then soon you can’t stop it, can’t control it for nothing,” said one driver.

Even as other streets were finally de-icing after a treacherous morning, a stretch of eastbound Excelsior Boulevard remained shockingly slick into the afternoon. Multiple cars were taken by surprise. Conner told FOX 9 she was hit by an SUV as she tried to avoid a fishtailing truck in front of her.

“That was doing this so I was moving over and I could see you barreling on me, so I tried to move over a little more,” said Conner.

The SUV that hit her wound up in the snowbank, too. Despite the crash, Conner had no hard feelings.

“You know, people help people through parking lots and up on sidewalks and everybody is very kind,” she said.

During this cleanup mode is when you hear the stories of "Minnesota Nice" - people who snow blow sidewalks of their entire block, clear the crosswalks of ice or entire alleys so their neighbors can get out.

Rafa Khan, who was cleaning the end of her Minneapolis driveway where her car had gotten stuck when she came home, gave another example.

“Somebody just helped me 10 minutes ago get into my driveway, so that was awesome,” said Khan. “Yeah, someone was just driving by and it was actually a couple and the man came out and drove my car in.”