Siblings hug and kiss each other everyday after school bus drop off

A beautiful bond between a brother and sister has gone viral for showing how pure sibling love is.

There is no rivalry between big brother Tariq Jr., 5, and his little sister Ava,3, only love-- in fact they're each other's favorite people! 

Grab your tissues because this heart melting viral moment of little Ava waiting for Tariq Jr. at the school bus stop is guaranteed to have you in tears! You'll probably want to hug your brother or sister too. 

Verlonda Jackson, the sibling's mother, told FOX 5 they were each other's first friends and even attended the same day care. But after sharing the same space for so long they began to bicker and fight-- like most brothers and sisters. 

But with Tariq Jr. starting kindergarten it separated the pair. But as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder-- as we clearly saw in the video. 

"The excitement and love they felt in that defining moment, after Jr. stepped off the school bus, and they laid eyes on one another was so pure," Verlonda told FOX 5. 

And after drowning each other in love, they walk home hand in hand and say things like, “Thanks. You’re my favorite person, too.” 

So pure. So innocent. This is love!