Shot pizza delivery driver makes miraculous recovery

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Andrew Gryskiewicz was shot and nearly died as he left his last pizza delivery stop the early morning of July 23.

Now, ten days later, the Dulono’s Pizza driver celebrates a special birthday as he’s discharged from Hennepin County Medical Center.

Gryskiewicz is grateful he lives to share the story despite the tough road that lies ahead.

He turned 31 Sunday, July 31. His golden day now takes on a whole new meaning.

“I made it. It’s a good present,” said Gryskiewicz.

Because it’s the present he almost didn’t live to see.

“I jump out of my car,” he recounted, “and make the delivery and when I come back to my car there’s somebody there.”

Gryskiewicz said as he walked toward his parked car on 31st and Park in south Minneapolis, the man didn't say anything.

“He had a big revolver in his hand so it was like, ‘okay, I don’t want to know why you’re standing there like that,’" said Gryskiewicz.

So he tried to play it cool.

“I opened the door, tried to slide right in, hit the brake, hit the [ignition], tried to go, and he shot me when I was getting in my car,” he said.

The bullet traveled through Gryskiewicz’s shoulder, heart and lungs. Somehow, he managed to drive, turn left onto 31st and pull over.

“That’s when I faded out and my vision went out and I passed out,” he said.

A good Samaritan took notice.

“He’s an angel on a bike,” said Gryskiewicz.

The mystery biker alerted people nearby to call 911.

“I hope that person comes forward because that was a great act of humanity to stop and make an effort ‘cause it saved my life,” he said.

“Would sure like to shake that person’s hand and tell them thank you,” Duffy Boeser, Andrew’s father tells FOX 9.

Also by Gryskiewicz’s side has been his girlfriend, Andrea Castro.

“He’s been my guide,” she said of her boyfriend of six months. Castro moved to Minnesota from Colombia last year.

Gryskiewicz has been introducing her to Minnesota culture and helping her learn English.

“She’d always come back at night and be here for me at night, which is the hardest time you know? When I need the most help, when I’m lying in the bed and hurt,” Gryskiewicz said patting his heart.

“Even though I knew, ‘he’s alive,’ I didn’t know what would happen. I didn’t want him to feel alone,” said Castro with tears in her eyes.

Together, Gryskiewicz, his girlfriend and father left HCMC with birthday décor and gifts in tow.

“The bullet is still in my liver. Not going to come out. It’s too dangerous. So. Um. Yeah. That sucks,” Gryskiewicz said of his recovery.

Yet, miraculously, he lives to share his story in spite of his pain.

“I hope no one else has to suffer like this,” he said.

Dulono’s Pizza will host a benefit for Gryskiewicz Thursday at 5 p.m.

If you have any information about the suspect call Minneapolis Police.