Sheriff: Vehicles damaged by rocks in road in Scott Co., investigation ongoing

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Photo credit: Darren Rust 

The Scott County Sheriff's Office is investigating several reports of rocks or objects in the road on County Highway 8 that caused damage to several cars Wednesday evening. 

The first report was received at 9:11 p.m. near the intersection of 217th Street East, also known as County Highway 8, and Dakota Avenue in Credit River Township near Lakeville, according to the sheriff's office. The rocks were removed by the civilians who reported the incident. 

Shortly after, the sheriff's office received two more calls reporting rocks in the road at the same location. 

At this time, the sheriff's office says at least five vehicles were involved in accidents due to the objects and four of them were damaged. No one was injured in any of the crashes. 

"We are actively investigating the circumstances around these instances and we are thankful nobody has been injured as a result," Sheriff Luke Hennen said in a statement. 

Capt. Steve Collins told Fox 9 the sheriff's office has not yet determined whether the objects were intentionally placed in the road.