Sherburne County commissioner charged in stalking case

A Sherburne County commissioner is accused of taking unauthorized photos of his former fiancée and stalking in a set of charges filed last week.

The Anoka County Attorney's Office, which is handling the case for Sherburne County due to a conflict of interest, has charged 39-year-old Timothy Dolan with stalking and four counts of interfering with privacy.

The Elk River Police Department launched the investigation into Dolan in May after a report from his fiancée, the charges detail. Police say Dolan, who worked at his fiancée's company, had given his fiancée access to his work phone and computer after suffering a medical issue. While using the phone, police say the fiancée noticed text messages between Dolan and a county worker that the fiancée thought were "inappropriate" given Dolan's position as a commissioner, police write.

The fiancée further found photos of herself that she didn't realize Dolan had taken, the complaint states. According to police, the fiancée said she found thousands of photos of herself apparently taken by Dolan without her consent on a cloud drive. Police say the victim began deleting the photos but later saved about 500.

The charges state:

Many images and videos of the victim were taken while she was in the bathroom, either changing clothes or in the bathtub or shower, without her knowledge. Many images appear to have been taken either under the bathroom door or between the door and the door frame. Others were taken in the couple's bedroom during sexual relations, without the victim's knowledge or consent. The victim described the phone/camera being set up prior to the intimacy beginning as she had no knowledge of the recording. Some images show the victim's intimate parts and appear to be taken while she is sleeping. The victim said the images were taken at various times and multiple locations, including their residence in Elk River.

While using Dolan's phone, police say the fiancée also learned of potential unauthorized financial transactions involving Dolan and the company the victim owns. The charges state there is a separate investigation into that case.

After the discovery of the photos and the ensuing investigation, a restraining order was granted to the fiancée against Dolan on June 1. However, police say Dolan made two posts on social media about the victim and her company in June. In July, investigators say Dolan sent text messages to the victim and later her brother.

"Collectively, these communications made after the service of the [harassment restraining order] caused the victim to feel terrorized," the charges allege.

Dolan is still listed online as a commissioner with the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners. However, it doesn't appear he has taken part in the last three meetings. FOX 9 has reached out to the county board and Dolan for response to the criminal charges.