Shakopee School District superintendent resigns amid criminal investigation

In a unanimous vote, the Shakopee School Board accepted the resignation of Superintendent Dr. Rod Thompson and approved a separation agreement.

Thompson is currently the subject of a criminal investigation into his use of a district credit card. According to court documents, Thompson made several questionable purchases on the card, including a 42” television and plane tickets to Nashville for him and his wife.

“We are happy he is moving on and he can’t do any more damage to the district,” said Carrie Ferris, a parent who has been vocal in her opposition to Thompson. “There’s a lot of anger and frustration, so Dr. Thompson had to leave in order for this community to heal at all.”

A group of parents at the special meeting Monday also called for the entire school board to step down.

“I will do everything come 2018 to make sure every one of you is off this board,” said one tax payer. "You do not deserve to be on this board.”

In a statement, board members said a "change in leadership is warranted."

“The board shares the public’s frustration with the school district’s inability to provide more information," the statement said. "However, we are constrained with the information that we can provide due to limitations under state law.”

Upon the severing of his contract, the board agreed to pay Thompson a lump sum of $50,000.

Thompson’s resignation takes effect June 30.