Sen. Amy Klobuchar confident Franken will 'make the right decision'

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar released a new statement Wednesday regarding the sexual misconduct allegations against fellow Minnesota senator Al Franken, but did not explicitly call for his resignation. 

"Sexual harassment is unacceptable," Klobuchar said in her statement. "This morning I spoke with Senator Franken and, as you know, he will be making an announcement about his future tomorrow morning. I am confident he will make the right decision." 

Earlier on Wednesday, Klobuchar's office released the following statement: "Senator Klobuchar personally spoke with Senator Franken this morning. As has been reported, he will be making an announcement tomorrow morning."

Klobuchar posted an updated statement to her official Twitter account a short time later. 

At least 11 Democratic women in the United States Senate and several of their male colleagues have called on Franken to resign after the latest allegation of sexual misconduct was published Wednesday morning. 

Franken's office confirmed the senator will be making an announcement on Thursday in Washington, D.C.