Search and recovery active for 3 people in Vermillion River near Red Wing

Authorities search the Vermillion River for three missing people on Tuesday.

A group of four people that were fishing and swimming off Diamond Island near Red Wing now has three members missing in the Vermillion River after an incident Monday, authorities have confirmed.

One male was fishing from shore while three others were swimming in the river when they began struggling, according to authorities.

The fisherman on shore entered the water to help the struggling swimmers and was able to rescue an adult female, also his daughter. He then re-entered the water to assist the other two swimmers when he went under the water himself, along with two others.

According to authorities, the three people initially swimming were "inexperienced swimmers" and were not wearing life jackets. The area they were swimming in was 3 feet in depth, but dropped sharply to a depth of 9 feet. Water current in the river also played a factor, police believe. 

Currently missing are two adult males and one 17-year-old female from the same household in Oakdale.

Agencies began searching for the missing swimmers Monday, and a search began again at 8 a.m. Tuesday, currently being conducted by the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office Water Patrol and Dive Team, with assistance by the Pierce County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Wildlife Fish and Game, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Northstar Search and Rescue and Red Wing Fire Department.

The search is being conducted in both the Vermillion and Mississippi rivers, both in the water and from boats using sonar and other electronic devices, according to authorities.

Search efforts will resume in the morning Wednesday if they're not found by sunset on Tuesday.