Robbinsdale Police investigate gun shop break-in

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Robbinsdale Police are investigating after a break-in at a local gun shop Friday morning in which several suspects rammed a vehicle through the front door before making off with a "small amount of guns," according to the owner. 

It took close to 10 tries to breach the reinforced storefront of Bill's Gun Shop and Range, with damage estimates clocking in at at tens of thousands of dollars. Even after all that, owner John Monson said the thieves were scared off by the tight security.

"They were in and out pretty quickly, alarms were going off from the minute they hit the building," he said. "You can tell it wasn’t a planned out event, they were hoping to have a quick smash and grab and it didn’t quite go that way."

Monson also believes an attempted break-in at the Gunstop in Minnetonka early Friday may be connected, though police haven't confirmed the theory. Police are currently reviewing surveillance video of the incident as the case remains under investigation.

In the meantime, Monson is not releasing details about how many or the types of weapons stolen.