Retired St. Paul Firefighter and safety expert dies

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Retired St. Paul firefighter and Fox 9 contributor Jamie Novak died suddenly on Sunday at the age of 58.

Jamie Novak spent 39 years in the fire service. He started as a volunteer, and then became a world-renowned fire investigator before retiring from the St. Paul Fire Department last year. He also created and ran a consulting business, Novak Investigations, Inc.

He lived and breathed fire education and did numerous stories with Fox 9 over the years.

Three of the stories won Regional Emmy Awards. In one, he arranged to blow up an abandoned farmhouse to demonstrate the importance of having gas detectors in homes.

People will remember him as always smiling, telling jokes and full of life. Novak is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren.

Some of the stories include: The Danger of Dust: How small particles can cause big problems

Ordinary items that could start your house on fire

Investigators: Fire problem that won't go away

Investigators: The politics of sprinklers and fire safety