Rescue team rescues neighbor rescuing dog on thin ice in St. Louis County, Minn.

A rescue squad saved a dog being rescued by a neighbor with a canoe on Sand Lake Saturday.  

The incident occurred on the Britt, Minn. lake around 2 p.m. The man’s dog had gone out onto the ice and broke through about 3 feet of water.

The owner tried to walk out onto the ice to rescue the dog, but he fell through the shallow water. The man returned back to shore.

Another neighbor then used their canoe to go out on to the ice and they pulled the dog into the watercraft. Then, the canoe became stranded on the lake with the dog.

Using a boat nearby, the St. Louis County Rescue Squad used a dry suit to walk the boat out to the canoe. They rescued the neighbor and the dog and brought them to shore.

Nobody was hurt in the incident.

“The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office strongly discourages going out on the ice when it is so thin,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote in a release.