Rashad Vaughn Foundation announces first scholarship in honor of Black History Month

Rashad Vaughn is a professional basketball player who grew up in north Minneapolis. (Rashad Vaughn Foundation)

A professional basketball player with north Minneapolis ties is making moves on and off the court.

Born and raised in north Minneapolis, Rashad Vaughn’s love for basketball has led to stints playing in the NBA and now overseas. Despite the distance, the professional athlete continues to make an impact back at home.

"He’s very passionate about the community, eager to help and continue to guide the youth because we know that the youth are the future," said Christopher Davis, president of the Rashad Vaughn Foundation.

The Rashad Vaughn Foundation recently announced its first annual scholarship in honor of Black History Month.

"Our whole mission is to continue to impact youth through education, athletics and leadership development," said Davis.

The $2,000 scholarship illuminates historically Black colleges and universities. To qualify, in addition to being from Minnesota, applicants must also be currently a student at an HBCU.

"The question we are asking is why did they choose to attend an HBCU and what benefit do they think they might have for doing that?" said Davis.

Making moves on and off the court, Davis says for Vaughn, it’s all about giving back.

"I think his actions show," Davis. "He’s very, very heartfelt on his community and what he continues to do off the court is amazing and the commitment that he has to the community and the relationships he’s build is great."

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