Protesters gather at Powderhorn Park after homeless encampment asked to vacate

An outpouring of protesters and counter protesters gathered at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis at the site of a homeless encampment.

The remaining tenants were given notice on Friday to clear out of the park. While the notice didn’t set a deadline for the park to be completely vacated, park board officials are encouraging those who are left to connect with resources and relocation options.

Last month, the Park Board voted to decrease the size and number of encampments in city parks. A few weeks ago, crews dismantled the encampment on the east side of the park. For weeks, there's been a series of violent crimes reported at Powderhorn Park, including shootings and sexual assaults.

Protesters said not enough is being done for those who need a home.

“Where are the people that are supposed to be helping us to not be homeless?” said Nadine Little, who lives at the encampment. “They don’t want us out here, but yet we’re still out here. Where are they? Where’s the money that was supposed to come to us when it should have been given to us?”
Counter protesters pointed to the recent crime and deterioration of the area.

Tents started popping up in the park in June after hundreds of people experiencing homelessness were evicted from the former Midtown Sheraton Hotel.