President Trump supporters rally outside Minnesota governor's residence

A large group of President Trump supporters rallied outside the governor's residence on Saturday. (FOX 9)

Supporters of President Trump, who has cast doubt on the election results that are now projecting a Joe Biden win, rallied on Saturday outside Minnesota Governor Tim Walz's residence.

A number of protesters, including several armed individuals and apparent Proud Boy members, gathered along Summit Avenue, calling for a recount in Minnesota.

Results from Tuesday show that Joe Biden, who is being projected by FOX News and the AP as the winner of the presidential race, won Minnesota by more than 211,000 votes. Under law, the state will only fund a recount when the difference between candidates is less than a quarter of a point. In Minnesota, Biden leads Trump by seven points.

The Trump campaign could still request a recount but would be required to pay the costs. So far, the Trump campaign has not questioned results in Minnesota or called for a recount. Even if it did, it's extremely unlikely a recount would have any relevant impact on Minnesota's results.

In 2016, when challenged by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, a recount in Wisconsin only shifted the margin of victory by President Trump over Hillary Clinton by 131 votes.

The Trump campaign has called for a recount in Wisconsin, where unofficial results show Joe Biden leading the president by less than one percent.

As the Trump rally was underway in St. Paul, another rally-turned-celebration took to the streets of Minneapolis in support of Biden.