Pres. Trump promises to get Americans back home as Eagan, Minn. woman is caught in Peru lockdown

President Trump promised to bring home groups from Peru and Honduras on Sunday.

As Peru remains in a martial law lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump is promising to get Americans stuck overseas back home.

Speaking Sunday during the daily White House briefing on the coronavirus, Trump led the news conference by saying his administration was working to get Americans stuck in several countries back to the U.S.

"I want to mention we are working very hard, long on getting a young group of people out of Peru," the president said. "We've removed some and the rest are being removed with the cooperation of the Peruvian government."

It's unclear if the group the president is referring to includes Hannah Albers and her boyfriend Nick Richardson. The couple is currently trapped at a youth hostel in Peru after they got caught up in the country's martial law declaration.

A once-in-a-lifetime trip for Hannah and Nick was cut short as the coronavirus spread. (Supplied)

The couple, who had been in the country for weeks on a trip, arrived at the airport in Cusco as officials began to shut the place down. They were able to find a place to stay but the hostel's owner warned them if they left, they couldn't return.

Without a way out, the couple has been stuck while Hannah's parents work around the clock to get her back home.

"This is stressful enough being here," said mother Anne Albers on Saturday. "Imagine being stuck in a foreign country where you're getting no communication."

Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith along with Rep. Angie Craig say they have been in touch with the Albers and are working with the Trump administration to get them home.