Eagan, Minnesota woman stuck in Peru as country goes into martial law in response to coronavirus

Hannah Albers' family is working hard to get her back home.

As nations close their borders to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus, thousands of tourists are finding themselves stranded overseas.

One of them is a woman from Eagan, Minnesota who is stuck in Peru with her boyfriend as the country has gone into martial law in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hannah Albers and her boyfriend Nick had been traveling in Peru for the past three weeks. It is something they have been planning for over a year, but with the coronavirus pandemic, all they want to do is come home.

Hannah Albers and her boyfriend Nick Richardson have spent the past few months exploring the world including a stop in Peru.

"We were both really excited to come to Peru," Hannah explained. "We went to the Sacred Valley and were working there, and it was so beautiful - really serene."

Then, everything changed. As concern over the coronavirus started to spread, Hannah and Nick got to the airport in Cusco as soon as they could. They quickly realized they weren’t going anywhere.

"We get there and the gates are closed. You can’t even get to the parking area of the airport, there are men with guns and masks, people crying on the phone," recalled Hannah. "It felt like we were in a movie. It felt like the zombie apocalypse."

The government of Peru enacted a national state of emergency, ordering 15 days of mandatory quarantine and shutting down all international travel. Luckily, the couple was able to shelter in a youth hostel.

But, they got a stern warning from the owner of the hostel. "We’re on martial law lockdown as of tonight," the owner told Hannah and Nick. "No one comes in, no one goes out, as of tonight. If you leave, that’s it, you're done. You can’t come back."

Hannah's parents have been working around the clock from Eagan to get her and Nick home.

"It's just become very surreal for us," said Anne Albers. "We never thought that this would happen."

They want to do whatever it takes to make sure their daughter is back on U.S. soil.

"This is stressful enough being here," said Anne. "Imagine being stuck in a foreign country where you're getting no communication."

Hannah and Nick are holding out hope they won’t be forgotten.

"It’s a weird ending to the trip, but at this point we’re just ready to get home," said Hannah.

Lawmakers' reaction

For the latest on the situation in Peru from the US Embassy, you can click here.

Letter from Sen. Amy Klobuchar to Sec. of State Mike Pompeo to help Minnesotans currently stranded abroad

Statement from Rep. Angie Craig

“This is a global crisis, we need to be working to protect Americans, including Americans that are abroad and that starts by getting them home. My office has been in touch with Hannah and Nick and we are doing everything possible to expedite their return. I’m also pushing Sec. Pompeo with many of my colleagues by ‘urging the State Department to take immediate and comprehensive action, including working with other federal agencies, foreign governments, and commercial airlines to ensure that every American abroad who wants to return home during this public health crisis can safely do so.’”

Senator Tina Smith’s office said they, too, have been in touch with the Albers family.