Prayers for Minnesota native missing in Denver

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Dozens gathered at a small town church Tuesday to pray for a Minnesota native who went missing after leaving a Denver bar last month, remaining hopeful that he may still be found.

Just 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities in the town of Randolph, friends and family who have spent weeks looking for Adam Gilbertson turned to their faith to get them through Gilbertson's absence.

"I think that prayers can move mountains," said Adam's mother Tammy Gilbertson. "They have to."

The 29-year-old had moved to Denver in 2015 to pursue a nursing degree, and was last seen by a Lyft driver on the way home from a local bar. The driver told police later that Gilbertson reported being harassed by another customer before leaving.

The next day, he failed to show up to his job as a yoga instructor. Investigators discovered his keys back at his apartment, sitting on the counter while he was nowhere to be seen. 

Over the next few weeks, many Minnesotans made the trek to Colorado in an attempt to search for Gilbertson, ultimately with no luck. Slowly, they all returned. 

"It was tough coming back because I felt like I was leaving him," Tammy Gilbertson said. "But I realized he's with me right here."

Denver Police say they're actively working on the case and hope to find Gilbertson soon.