Positive Moments: Photos, videos that made us smile on April 7

Do you have a cute sing-along, a funny distance learning moment or something else positive to share right now? 

Please email your videos and pictures to fox9news@foxtv.com. Your clip might air to help brighten up our newscasts during the COVID-19 crisis.Look below to see the positive moments that we shared on our broadcasts on April 7.

Garden bunnies follow CDC guidelines

Cindy Standiford of Princeton, Minnesota shared these photos of her garden bunnies wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indoor pool party

Josie Brinkman shared this photo of the kids enjoying an indoor pool party filled with rubber duckies!

Extravagent egg-decorating

Nicole Fredrickson shared these photos of their detailed egg-decorating!

Full moon treetop

Mike Barck shared this photo of the full moon making for a perfect treetop!