'Polka Spotlight' still has people dancing after 21 years

A local show on community access cable TV has had people dancing for 21 years and it's still going strong.

‘Polka Spotlight” is a weekday show on community access across the state. John Bulajic started the polka show 21 years ago, and many of the couples that appear on it have been dancing with him just as long.

“Music makes you feel good, oh it makes you feel good,” Bulajic says.

The hosts read letters from viewers and announce birthday and anniversary wishes. The viewers are truly part of the polka team.

“People need food to stay well, medicine to stay healthy and people need entertainment,” Bulajic says.

There is a different bank each show, and everyone is there for fun.

“Nobody gets paid and the band volunteers their time,” Bulajic says. “They are happy to do something for their community.”

Polka Spotlight tapes two shows on one Saturday a month. Check your local cable listings for show times.