Police investigating motive in AMBER Alert kidnapping of 7-month-old

Though the 7-month-old child was found shortly after an AMBER Alert was released, the family and police are still reeling from Friday’s kidnapping.

It all started in Bloomington, Minnesota, where 19-year-old Sharline Miles allegedly forced another woman out of her car, taking off with the child still inside.

The Amber Alert was issued shortly after. A man who called in a sighting shared what happened next.

Ishmael McReynolds was buying juice at the Holiday gas station on Burnsville Parkway Friday evening. Parked outside the store was an easily forgettable P.T. Cruiser.

“When that alert came I thought, I just saw a P.T. Cruiser,” McReynolds told Highberger. “It just so happened to be the one.”

He called in to police on his way home. By the time McReynolds got to his house, the car he saw would become the most sought-after car in Minnesota.

According to police, Miles dragged the child’s mother out of the car by her hair, telling the woman she will never see her child again.

Within minutes, police in Burnsville caught up to the car, Miles and the child inside.

Thanks in part to McReynolds juice stop and the Amber Alert system, the child was returned safely.

“The Amber Alert works,” McReynolds said. “Here’s proof.”

Police are still investigating the kidnapping, and still are not sure what the motive behind the incident was.