Police: Designated driver arrested for drunk driving after crash in Medina, Minn.

The man charged with driving his friends for a night out is now charged with drunk driving, Medina police say.

Now, officers are using this case as a teaching moment for other drivers.

According to the Medina Police Department, they were called out to a parking lot Friday evening for a minor crash without injuries.

When they arrived, they learned the man who was supposed to be the sober cab, or a designated driver, said he was watching his intake but ended up drinking too much alcohol.

"Please, we cannot stress it enough," police wrote. "If you have been drinking, please line up a safe ride home, whether that be someone completely sober, a cab, Lyft, Uber, etc. Thank you to the countless number of people who DO make the wise choice when they enjoy a night out!"

The driver who had been drinking was arrested on drunk driving charges, police said.