Playoff dreams come true for 99-year-old Vikings fan

Millie Wall has been a Vikings fan through every up and every down, since the team was founded in 1961--though lately, there's certainly been more ups than downs. 

The team invited her to their game against the Saints Sunday, hoping the 99-year-old would bring some luck after a video of her reading the Vikings' letter went viral. Now, thanks to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, she's heading to the Super Bowl as well, an early 100th birthday present from the league.

She was skeptical of the attention at first, reeling from her newfound fame and feeling more than a little pressure lest the Vikings underperform at her first playoff game. She even got a shoutout on national television during the game, cementing her status as a bona-fide local celebrity around Minnesota.

"I'm overwhlemed, she said. "I can't believe the reaction this is getting and I'm stunned."

But as the last seconds ticked off the clock and Stefon Diggs crossed into the endzone to win the game, even Millie believed she was the team's good luck charm.

Pleas to send Millie to see the Vikings take on the Eagles in Philadelphia gained traction on social media Sunday night under the aptly-titled hashtag #MillieToPhilly, with several fundraisers popping up online after the game.

Millie, for her part, says she's just happy to have seen a little bit of Vikings history.

"I think they did a wonderful job," she said. "They made me very happy."