Plane that crashed in Akron made Minnesota stop

The private jet of a Florida real estate company made a stop in Minnesota before crashing into an apartment building in Akron, Ohio on Tuesday, killing the 9 people believed to be aboard. shows the 10-seat Hawker H25 jet departed Fort Lauderdale, Fla. on Monday and made stops in St. Paul, Minn., Moline, Ill. and St. Louis before arriving in Cincinnati. The plane left Cincinnati on Tuesday morning and stopped in Dayton, Ohio before crashing into the building on its approach to a small airport in Akron.

Pebb Enterprises said 7 of its associates were among the 9 believed to be killed in the crash. The company released the following statement Tuesday:

“Our hearts are broken this morning with the news of the tragic accident that took the lives of two principals and five employees of Pebb Enterprises. We are shocked and deeply saddened for the families, colleagues and friends of those who perished.”

Pebb Enterprises purchased the former Rainbow Foods store on Robert Street in West St. Paul this past summer. The former Rainbow is the only Minnesota property held by Pebb, according to a map posted on the company’s website.

Video credit: Seth Yergin