Photographer with autism sells greeting cards to raise money for pulmonary fibrosis research

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Christopher Blasewitz is a photographer who has autism. He makes his images into greeting cards, which he sells to raise research funding for pulmonary fibrosis. (Christopher Blasewitz)

Christopher Blasewitz has an eye for photography, but he also has a big heart.

"I like taking pictures of scenery, animals, pets,” said Christopher. “I enjoy it because it makes me calm and gives me something to do."

Christopher is on the autism spectrum and his parents gave him a camera years ago to help keep him busy when they went out in public or he was around a lot of adults. After time, his parents noticed his pictures turned out quite well.

"What really puzzled me was we could stand side-by-side and take the same picture with the same phone or camera - his was always better,” said Jeanette Blasewitz, Christopher's mother. “The lighting was better, everything was better. I have never understood why it was so."

He started using them to make his own greeting cards to sell to family and friends.

"They love them and they want to buy more,” said Christopher.

Soon after Christopher started his greeting card business, his dad was diagnosed with a rare condition called pulmonary fibrosis, which makes it difficult for the lungs to receive oxygen. He passed away four years later and since then Christopher has donated all the proceeds from his greeting card sales to the University of Minnesota to help to find a cure.

"It's important to me because there is no cure and to me it’s life and death," he said.

So far, Christopher's creations have raised about $2,000 for pulmonary fibrosis research.

"I'm really pleased Christopher has been able to take what he does well and turn it into something that is really making a difference," said Jeannette.

Christopher hopes taking pictures will be his focus for years to come. 

"Forever until I get old and die,” said Christopher. “I want to keep doing it. I love it. I love it."

Those looking to order greeting cards can email Jeanette at or Christopher at