Patron Saint of Police pendant donated to each cop in Cottage Grove, Minn.

Residents in Cottage Grove recently held a week of vigils to show their support for police. Now, some local businesses are doing the same thing in a much different way.

St. Michael is the patron saint of police officers. When Christine Selvig wanted to thank Cottage Grove police for protecting her family's business, Selvig Jewelers, she reached out to several other businesses to raise $2200 to buy a St. Michael pendant for every officer in the department.

"When they drive by, I always want to wave and say thank you. So this was a way of when they are driving through the community and they see that St. Michael pendant, they know that us, as local businesses, support them and thank them for their service," said Selvig.

Selvig gave the 42 sterling silver pendants to the police department at a city council meeting earlier this month. Even new K-9 officer Gunner got one and his fellow officers say they'll wear them around their necks or hang them in their squad cars to give them another layer of protection when they are out on the streets.

"It's a great gesture. It's difficult times. Its nice to know we have support for local residents and businesses," said Cottage Grove Officer Mike Vandervort.

Selvig says she plans to give pendants to St. Paul Park police as well.

She's also considering raising more money to give pendants to Cottage Grove paramedics and firefighters as well.