Patients get COVID-19 vaccine at Minnesota Hy-Vee again after receiving incorrectly diluted doses

Sixty-two people came into the Hy-Vee on Riverfront Drive in Mankato, Minnesota to receive their Pfizer vaccine, but the doses were mixed with water instead of the saline mix they came with.

Those patients are now starting the process again. 

"It was like the air was taken out of your lung; you were basically depleted," said Greg Brown of Champlin when he heard he received the wrong vaccine mixture. "This last week was a tough week waiting and waiting and trying to figure out all the information."

The waiting was also tough on his son, who’s more than 1,900 miles away in Los Angeles. 

"I watched my parents get all excited, so kind of going from seeing all the possibility of what they might be able to do with the vaccine to now we got to wait and see, it’s been kind of up and down," said Andrew Brown.   

Greg finally got a call nearly one week later that he would be starting the process over. He received his first vaccine dose again on Tuesday morning.

"When the process was done we waited out 15-20 minutes to find out if there was a reaction and then we went on our way," Greg said.   

Hy-Vee tells FOX 9 in a statement that staff remain in contact with the 62 patients and are communication everything they need to know directly to them.

As for Greg, he is happy there is an end in sight and remains optimistic. He is expected to receive his second dose at the end of the month.