Police suspect postal worker shot dog in Mankato

Search warrants show that police believe a postal worker is linked to a killing of a family dog near Mankato after the dog was found shot dead on March 30. FOX 9's Mary McGuire has the story.

Mankato remembers fallen soldier Sgt. Cade Wolfe

Sergeant Cade Wolfe, 24, was a part of an elite U.S. Army unit as a Special Ops soldier. He was killed during a training mission over the Mediterranean Sea along with four other servicemembers.

Mankato fallen solider returned home

Mankato residents remember fallen solider Sgt. Cade Wolfe. He was killed along with four other servicemembers during a routine training mission over the Mediterranean Sea in November.

North Mankato police warn about cougar sighting

North Mankato police say cougars rarely have interactions with humans but are known to hunt smaller animals. So, police recommend residents watch their pets when they are outside.