Pastor's son victim in Brooklyn Park home invasion

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The son of a prominent north Minneapolis pastor was shot twice in the legs during a violent home invasion in Brooklyn Park Friday morning.  

Julian McAfee, 30, was expected to make a full recovery, and posted a picture on his Facebook page from his hospital bed, making a crude gesture with his finger, along with the message, “Couple shots ain’t stopping s—t, try again.”  He is the son of Rev. Jerry McAfee, a long-time community leader in north Minneapolis.  

Just after 11 p.m. Thursday, police said three masked people entered the home on the 8000 block of Brunswick Ave. at gunpoint and tied up seven adults and two children with duct tape. The suspects then moved their captives into a bedroom.

Shortly after midnight, Julian McAfee arrived home and was shot twice in the legs near the front door. Police said McAfee managed to run through the home and into the bedroom where the others, including his two children, were held hostage, and then jumped through the window. Several of the others untied themselves and also escaped through the window. 

The three gunman escaped and are still at large. 

“We don’t believe this was random,” said Deputy Chief Mark Bruley, Brooklyn Park Police. “We have information this home was targeted specifically.”  

Julian McAfee, and another man who had been pistol whipped, ran to neighbor Les Olson’s home for help.  

“They were scared to death,” said Olson. “When I opened up the door, [McAfee] collapsed. They kept saying, ‘They’re shooting at us. They’re shooting at us.’”

Rev. Jerry McAfee stopped by the home in the afternoon and looked at a bullet hole in the front door. He speculated a gunman may’ve been outside the home, waiting for his son.  

“I’ll find out. I still have my connections,” the older McAfee said.  

His son, Julian, has a criminal history that includes convictions for armed robbery and drugs. He was also grazed by a bullet three years ago in a case where his father said he was the intended target. Julian was also the suspect in a Minneapolis homicide in 2008, but was never charged with the crime.  

Rev. McAfee said he bought the home in Brooklyn Park two years ago for his daughter-in-law. He said his son spends most of his time now in Chicago, pursuing a career in rap music.