Parents of children killed in house fire create fire safety foundation

Two years after losing their children in a house fire, the parents are taking steps to spread the message of fire safety with others.

“Shock, obviously first, the last two years have gone by in the blink of an eye,” said Brian Foster.
Foster misses “two ducklings” so much. He always used the affectionate term when talking about his children Aaron and Kathryn.

“They were just pure love,” said Foster. “They knew how to show love. They knew how to receive love. They were never afraid to hold my hand in public. I would put my hand out, say ‘ducklings’ and they would grab on.”

Foster lost his son and daughter on June 14, 2016. The inseparable siblings, then 12 and nine years old, were staying with an aunt in Columbus, Ohio when a fire ignited in the basement. The small home didn’t have working smoke detectors. While two other extended family members got out, Kathryn and Aaron were trapped inside and perished.

“There is no going back to fix it,” said Foster. “No going back to save them. If I was there, I would have jumped through, I would have died in that fire with them.”

Now two years later, Foster and the children’s mom, Laura, are ready to take the next step. They are honoring their children’s lives by creating The Aaron and Kathryn Foster Foundation.

The goal is to spread fire safety awareness, specifically when it comes to making sure smoke detectors are working.

Foster believes with a couple more minutes of warning, his kids would still be alive today. Through their grief and the love of their son and daughter, the Fosters are now committed to saving others.

“I’m grateful my kids had a good life,” he said. “I am grateful they don’t have to suffer. I’m grateful they are guiding me through my life."