Owner continues search for missing dog in stolen SUV

The search for a missing Pug/Boston-Terrier dog named Harper is in its ninth day.

The 3 ½-year-old was inside a white SUV stolen November 15 in Hudson, Wisc. and driven to Minneapolis.

Since then Harper’s owner has been searching for 12 hours a day hanging flyers throughout Minneapolis.

"Every day I wake up and check my phone every day. There’s been nothing new. ‘Hey I have your dog,’ it just feels like you keep getting repeatedly kicked in the stomach," Justin Inman said.

The SUV was eventually found in Coon Rapids and the suspect was arrested and charged, but he wouldn’t or couldn’t say what happened to Harper.

Inman’s family is worried about her but said, "that’s the only thing that’s kind of getting us through the days, is just hoping that she is at least somewhere safe."

In addition to being a pug/terrier mix, Harper has a distinctive white dot on her forehead. She also has a white chest and white paws.

Inman believes she could be anywhere near downtown Minneapolis or possibly around Little Earth. If you have any information, give Justin a call at 715-781-9145.