One dog shot, another still missing after Lindstrom shooting

Elise d'Entremont says she was trying to get away from the violence in St Paul over the weekend, but unfortunately it followed her to Chisago County, where one of her dogs is missing.

"Traumatized would be the feeling. I never expected an afternoon in the country to relax and get away for a bit to be horrifying," said d'Entremont.

Her boyfriend drove her black lab, Shadow, and her beagle, I Am Loved, to his house in rural Lindstrom Township on Sunday, but the dogs escaped out an open back door.

After searching for about a half hour, the couple heard gunshots from a neighbor's property a couple of doors down.

He told them he shot at the dogs because they showed up to play with his dogs and Shadow grabbed one of his chickens and tried to run off.

"When we heard the shots my heart just sank cause I thought, 'Oh my gosh. They were so close'," said d'Entremont.

Since then, d'Entremont put up flyers asking if anyone has seen her beagle, who has been on the lam since the shooting.

She's also hung clothes along her boyfriend's driveway hoping the familiar scent will draw I Am home.
What's worse, the Chisago Sheriff's Office isn't pursuing any charges against the farmer because it's not against the law to shoot an animal if it's going after livestock.

"Things are going to happen. A dog is going to get loose. It doesn't deserve to be shot," said d'Entremont.
For now, d'Entremont is nursing Shadow back to health back home in St. Paul, but she hopes someone spots her beloved beagle so she can make her family whole again.

"It just makes me cry. It makes me feel something inside I've never felt before and I wish no one would ever feel, " said a tearful d'Entremont.

I Am is tan and white, weighs about 55 pounds and was last seen wearing a yellow harness and several tags.
d'Entremont says its possible he may have been injured as well. If you spot him, call the Chisago County Sheriff or animal control.