Off-duty Elko-New Market police officer arrested for DWI

An Elko-New Market police officer has been arrested for drunken driving. She is still on the job, pending the outcome of the case.

But it's not the first time this small police department in the south metro has made headlines.

In the small towns of Elko and New Market, they know their cops, all five of them. Officer Eva Rudolph is one of the favorites. 

"Very personable, likes to talk about what you are doing. Just a wonderful woman,” said Mandy Fischer of New Market.

Officer Eve Rudolph has been a trailblazer in law enforcement for 30 years and a role model for many women in the field.  For the last six years, she's been an officer in Elko-New Market and even served as the interim police chief.

A month ago tonight, while off-duty, she was pulled over by State Patrol in McLeod County for driving erratically.  She blew a 0.16, which is twice the legal limit.

The chief and city administrator told Fox 9 she had a clean record with the department.

The police chief says he found out about the incident when Officer Rudolph called him up.  She works part-time, pulling about four shifts a month.

Rudolph was the first female officer in Apple Valley and also the department's first K-9 officer.  She retired two years ago. 

For a couple of years, she was even the interim chief of the Elko-New Market Police Department, during a rough patch.

The department was shut down temporarily after a Fox 9 investigation into racism within the department.  A former officer had placed a stuffed monkey in a squad car and there was a trail of racist emails.

The trouble for this small town department seemed behind them, until their favorite cop got arrested.  

"Very surprised why, [she] seems to carry out duties very well, just shocked,” said Fischer.

Rudolph has not been charged yet with drunken driving, but is currently required to use an intoxilyzer when driving her personal car. She does not, however, need to use an intoxilyzer when driving her squad car.