Nonprofit looks to create awareness about vets during 4th of July celebrations

Fireworks are a big part of Fourth of July celebrations, but for some combat veterans, they can trigger symptoms of PTSD.

An Indiana-based non-profit is making an effort to change that through its “Explosion of Kindness” campaign. It provides signs that veterans and their neighbors can post in their yards, a reminder for their neighbors to be courteous.

“Veterans actually love fireworks,” said Shawn Gourley, the co-founder and executive director of Military with PTSD. “One of things people don't realize is it's the unexpected fireworks that cause the problem. when you're sitting there watching the news or eating dinner and of a sudden a firework goes off.”

Veterans in Richfield told Fox 9 they’re glad to see the effort.

“Knowing who your neighbors are, and asking them if it affects them is very kind and courteous,” said Tom Hendrickson, Commander of the American Legion Post 435.

Several signs have been sent to veterans in Minnesota, but there is currently a waiting list of around 1500 people. For more information on the campaign click here