Noise complaints mount in Afton over motorcycle traffic

The main drag through Afton, Minn. is already a little noisy during the week because of road construction, so residents are a bit touchy with motorcycle riders who drive through town--oftentimes with custom pipes which make the bikes louder than in the past. 

St. Croix Trail is a popular route through Afton and has been attracting travelers for years, especially weekend motorcycle riders along the St. Croix River, but Afton City Council members say they're seeing more traffic in the area this year. 

Officials hope to explore some sort of noise ordinance at next month's meeting-- with some hoping to implement expensive fines to grab people's attention. 

"If it’s up to me it’s going to happen, but then I’m just one member of the council," City Council Member Stan Ross said. "I’m going to do whatever I can to convince the council that we need to take some action."

Bikers in Afton said on Monday that motorcycles' pipes have been getting louder for years as riders soup up their bikes, but not all of them like those developments either.

"They’re powerful bikes and a lot of people are beefing up their bikes and they like to show them off," rider Del Alloway said. "Theres’ a place for it, but I don’t think a small town or small community is the place for it."