No more ValleySCARE: Tricks and Treats to offer 'all fun, no fright' at Valleyfair

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Valleyfair announced its new Halloween event "Tricks and Treats" Friday, (Valleyfair)

No more scary nights at Valleyfair. As announced Friday, the Shakopee amusement park will now have more family-friendly Halloween celebrations.

Later this year, Tricks and Treats will debut on Sept. 17 and be open on select dates until Oct. 30. Valleyfair says it will be a "one-of-a-kind fall festival and Halloween party combo with all fun and no fright."

"From little goblins to grown-up ghouls, everyone will find ghastly great things to do for Halloween," Valleyfair's announcement states. "Plus, we’ve got skeleTONS of delicious seasonal treats, drinks and, of course, candy!"

The new event is replacing Halloween Haunt and ValleySCARE, which featured haunted mazes and scary zones.

It appears the park will be transformed into two different areas with three areas each. When park goers arrive, they can choose a path to follow between the Land of Tricks or the Land of Treats.

  • In the Land of Tricks, park attendees will be able to explore Icky Ville, Spooky Spires and Pointe Peculiar.
  • In the Land of Treats, park attendees will be able to explore Everfall, Sweet Tooth Acres and Conjure Creek.

Rides will be open during Tricks and Treats, as well as plenty of activities, food, live entertainment and more.

Click here for more information about Tricks and Treats.