Newlyweds from Tokyo complete 13-day, 13-game NBA journey in Minneapolis

The Timberwolves welcomed two special guests to their game versus the Phoenix Suns Sunday night and helped wrap up an incredible NBA marathon.

Yuki and Yumea Nakagawa are newlyweds from Tokyo, Japan. The pair just finished a 13-day, 13-game NBA excursion across the country the last two weeks to celebrate their wedding.

The couple started in Phoenix and watched games in Salt Lake City, Denver, Washington, Miami, New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Boston, Charlotte, Orlando and, now, Minneapolis before they head back to Tokyo.

According to a release from the Timberwolves, Yuki was a Steve Nash fan and fell in love with basketball as a result. Now, his love for basketball took him from the desert in Arizona to the frigid climes of Minneapolis in a trip of a lifetime.

FOX 9 caught up with the newlyweds at Sunday’s game before they head home.