Newly released photos in Lois Riess case file show bullets, cash withdrawals

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Newly released photos from the Florida State Attorney’s Office are revealing more in the investigation of Lois Riess, who is accused of killing a Florida woman and stealing her identity during a nationwide manhunt.

Investigators believe Riess traveled to Florida after allegedly killing her husband in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Authorities say in Florida Riess befriended Pamela Hutchinson, murdered her and then stole her identity.

Evidence photos obtained by Fox 4 in Ft. Myers show detectives found bullets, bullet holes and what appears to be blood in Hutchinson's condominium on April 9.

Other released photos show Riess withdrawing money from an ATM using Hutchinson's card and also holding a handful of cash inside a bank on Ft. Myers Beach. Detectives believe the withdrawal came hours after she killed Hutchinson.

Riess eventually left Florida and headed west. Some images shows her at a gas station, possibly in Louisiana as an ATM machine in the photo has a phone number listed on it with an area code from the New Orleans area.

Another photo shows Riess drinking a beer at an outdoor bar.

U.S. Marshals arrested Riess in southern Texas in April. 

In June, a Florida Grand Jury indicted Riess with first degree murder in the killing of Hutchinson. While suspected of killing her husband, no formal charges have been filed yet in his death in Minnesota.