New treatment center focuses on reconnecting mothers with children

A new treatment facility in Minneapolis focuses on helping mothers keep in touch with their children.

The isolation of the pandemic has made it difficult for those who struggle with addiction and recovery, particularly women.

So, starting next month, Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge is opening a new residential treatment center for women, with an extra focus on connecting with their children.

Christine Lewis, who is battling addiction, said she is looking forward to the move.

"I think it’s going to allow me not only to stay in treatment, but it’s going to boost my treatment," said Lewis. 

That’s because her children are part of the healing.

The new treatment center will have room for about 78 women and will expand. The entire emphasis is on reconnecting families. The center’s director, Kelsey Eller, says the kids will know that this is a place where their mom is safe and they are safe.

"That makes the kids feel comfortable. That makes the kids excited to come here and see their moms. It’s mom’s time to bond and play with their kid and get on their level, so I’m super excited about how this will be a game changer for our mom," Eller said.  

Jackie Beckman, who will also be staying at the center, said she thinks it will be a comfort to her children.

"So my kids come here, they know where I am. They know that mom’s here getting better," said Beckman.

"My kids saw me through my addiction and they saw horrors of the person that I became, and now they’re able to see me while I’m becoming a better person and becoming a better mom," Christine Lewis added.  

The new building on 1st Avenue South in Minneapolis has been under construction for a year.

Anyone who needs help battling addiction and wants to check teen challenge can visit their website here.