New Minnesota sports betting bill already faces opposition

New legislation was unveiled Wednesday that would legalize sports betting in Minnesota, but the bill is already facing some challenges.

Senator Jeremy Miller announced a renewed effort to legalize sports betting on Wednesday, with a bill he says brings all stakeholders together for a bipartisan solution. 

"Not every stakeholder is going to get what they want, but with the willingness to work together and compromise, I think we can get it done this year," said Miller.

Miller says the updated proposal, called the Minnesota Sports Betting Act 2.0, builds on previous legislative efforts and combines ideas presented in years past.

The bill, however, is not getting full approval from Canterbury Park as it doesn’t give racetracks the ability to hold a license. The current proposal only gives license opportunities to Minnesota’s 11 tribal nations, with the option to partner with racetracks and professional sports teams.

"We believe that both tracks and tribes should have full sports betting licenses," said Canterbury spokesperson Jeff Maday. "The market is mature enough for all of us to succeed. We just want that opportunity."

In response, Miller said a bill that gave racetracks licensing opportunities does not have the votes needed to pass. He pointed out that racetracks would still benefit from tax proceeds.

Minnesota is the only state in our region without a legal sports betting option. Thirty-eight states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., already have legal sports betting.