New 'living wall' coming to Target Field

The Minnesota Twins are transforming the batter's eye at Target Field into a "living wall" for the 2019 season and beyond. (Photo credit: Minnesota Twins)

More changes are coming to Target Field for the upcoming Minnesota Twins season.

The batter’s eye in center field will change to a “living wall” of 5,700 sea green juniper plants. The plants, installed in a tier system, will “create a consistent, stationary background of lush greenery, without variations in color or texture, to provide both beauty and a world-class hitter’s backdrop," according to a statement from the team. 

The Twins hit .261 as a team at Target Field last year.

“The Minnesota Twins are excited about plans to install one of the world’s largest living walls at Target Field,” Twins President and CEO Dave St. Peter said in a statement. “Since the removal of the original trees, which were part of Target Field’s batter’s eye in 2010, the Twins have been searching for the right solution which balances playability and aesthetics. We believe the living wall concept delivers on both fronts, while further enhancing the ballpark’s sustainability platform.”

The Twins open the season at Target Field on March 28 against the Cleveland Indians