New Auburn man armed with knife during deadly police shooing: BCA

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released new details on Saturday about the deadly police shooting in New Auburn earlier in the week.

According to the BCA, on Dec. 14, a family member requested a welfare check for 34-year-old Brent Alsleben, citing concerns for his mental health. Around 1:30, a deputy with the Sibley County Sheriff’s Officer arrived at the apartment with EMTs. 

The BCA said at one point, Alsleben brought out a knife and swung it at first responders. Additional law enforcement arrived on the scene to help with the situation. 

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, three officers with the Hutchinson Police Department and two deputies with McLeod County Sheriff’s Office forced open the apartment door, according to the BCA.

The five law enforcement personnel asked Alsleben to surrender and did not enter the apartment until they saw what appeared to be something on fire inside, the BCA stated. 

Once inside, officers found Alsleben lying on the living room floor holding a "large, hunting-style knife." The BCA said Alsleben "struggled" when law enforcement attempted to take him into custody, and he cut one of the officers with the knife. The BCA did not say who was cut or how severe the injury was. 

Two deputies attempted to use their Tasers on him, but they failed. The BCA said Alsleben started to stand up while still holding the knife and three Hutchinson officers fired and struck him.

The BCA identified three Hutchinson Police Officers and two McLeod County Sheriff's Deputies who used force during this incident. Only the Hutchinson officers are on standard administrative leave.

  • Officer Taylor Fenrich fired his duty pistol. He has 17 years of law enforcement experience.
  • Officer Phillip Mielke fired his patrol rifle. He has nine years of law enforcement experience.
  • Officer Tyler Schmeling fired his patrol rifle. He has eight years of law enforcement experience.
  • Deputy Andrew Demeyer discharged his Taser. He has 16 years of law enforcement experience.
  • Deputy David Olson discharged his Taser. He has 17 years of law enforcement experience.

According to the BCA, "portions" of the use-of-force incident were filmed on body cameras and are being reviewed. The officers involved in the incident have not submitted statements to the BCA but are "expected to do so in the coming days," the press release states. 

Members of the Sibley County Sheriff’s Department also arrived at the scene but were not involved in the incident. The sheriff’s office asked the BCA to investigate the use-of-force incident, according to the press release. 

Brent Alsleben was killed in a police shooting in New Auburn, Minnesota.  (Supplied)