Neil Elementary School BB gun incident reported during Adventure Club

Less than a week after parents in the Robbinsdale School District voiced new concerns after a third gun was reported on the campus of one of their schools, an incident in which a student brought an unloaded BB gun to school was reported by Neil Elementary staff in Crystal.

According to an email sent to parents obtained by FOX 9, "During Adventure Club after school, while a staff member was looking for a missing water bottle they found the BB handgun in a student’s backpack. Police were notified immediately and the item was confiscated."

Two students were participating in an investigation, which is currently underway, according to the email.

No threat was made towards students or staff. 

After the Robbinsdale incidents, the district adapted its notification policies, saying police would be notified "immediately" if there’s a report or suspicion of a gun on campus in the future. The district will also communicate with families after parents complained about a lack of communication.