New concerns raised over third gun incident reported in Robbinsdale school district

Parents in the Robbinsdale School District are voicing new concerns after another gun was reported on the campus of one of their schools. This now marks the third incident to allegedly take place in the district over the course of one week. 

Fox 9 spoke with a mother who has a child at Sandburg Middle School in Golden Valley who did not wish to be identified. 

She tells us on Thursday, her child came to her and said a classmate approached them, saying they had a gun and asking if they wanted to touch it. The mother said she was the one to report it to the police, and not the school. 

"I am completely dumbfounded because bottom line is that no minor should have a gun in their possession. A minor with a gun in their possession, to me, you call 911. There is no doubt about it. This bullsh*t about school policies and procedures...are you kidding me? A kid has a gun. There's no question." 

In a letter to parents on Friday, the district says school leaders are investigating the allegation, and based on what they know so far, there was no immediate threat to the school, and they did not notify law enforcement. 

This latest incident added to the anxiety parents were already feeling

Late last week, a video began circulating on social media showing a Sandburg student holding what appears to be a gun in a school bathroom. The video was reportedly taken last Friday, and school officials were made aware of it that same day, but both parents and police claim they weren't notified about it until days later.

Then on Tuesday, the district says a student at Robbinsdale Middle School brought a gun to campus and showed it to some classmates. 

Robbinsdale Area Schools has a school board meeting scheduled for Monday night where they are set to review their policy on weapons in schools.