Motorcyclist injured by unsecured load now seeks driver responsible

A Minnesota motorcyclist was thrown from his bike after he hit an unsecured load that fell off someone’s vehicle on the freeway. Now, he’s looking for the driver responsible.

Luke Litterio said it’s a miracle he wasn’t more severely injured.

“My face is totally different…it’s a miracle how fast it has cleaned up. Luckily, God was definitely on my side; he guided me down the road, no doubt about it,” Litterio said.

The motorcyclist figures he’s ready to take some time away from the bike after somehow surviving a frightening crash on I-94 near the Wisconsin state border on July 6.

Photos taken in the hospital capture the pain and just how close a call it was for the 61-year old from Lino Lakes, who was riding without a helmet or protective jacket that day.

Litterio was heading east at about 70 mph when, all of a sudden, a large plastic transport container flew out of the bed of the pickup truck in front of him.

He said the container was empty and it wasn’t strapped down.

There was no way for him to avoid the collision; Litterio hit the deck, sliding and rolling down the interstate.

He compared the incident to a crash that went viral three years ago, also on I-94, when a foam floaty mat went flying onto the roadway.

“I’ve had friends crash at less speed than that and have never come out of it,” he said.

As he laid in the hospital, the motorcyclist took to Facebook in an effort to find the driver responsible.

“I’m in the trucking industry, have been for nearly 40 years. We have to have our loads secured before the driver goes out. Someone driving without this strapped down should be pulled over and ticketed.”