Mosquito levels high in Minnesota thanks to frequent rain

As frequent rain continues to green lawns and gardens throughout Minnesota, it has also come with elevated levels of mosquito hatching.

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (MMCD) monitors mosquito totals every Monday, from mid-May through September, employing a variety of mosquito and black fly traps throughout the district. Insects collected are then brought back to its lab to be identified throughout the week, with maps published to show current activity.

According to its data, May was the third-wettest month in the past 10 years with statewide rainfall totals, and the precipitation has led to "heavy mosquito activity" – with each additional rainfall hatching more eggs.

The first few weeks of MMCD mosquito surveillance of 2024 shows above average. (Supplied)

Continuous rain has kept mosquito and black fly activity elevated as we head into the end of May and early June.

Black flies remain abundant in the typical hot spots along rivers and streams, according to the MMCD. As river levels decline, black fly treatments will continue.

June 2023 saw the opposite for mosquito breeding, with warm and dry weather keeping their count low.