Monday is statewide deadline to remove structures on ice in Minnesota

Monday, March 21 at midnight is the deadline the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has set for people to get ice houses and other structures off all Minnesota lakes.

Earlier this month, on March 7, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources required structures to be off lakes in the southern portion of the state. This new deadline includes the entire state. With warmer temperatures, sunny days and the fluctuation of above and below freezing days, FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard says the ice, even where it’s still thick, isn’t in great shape.

"How much sun we’ve had, how many temperatures swings we’ve had the freeze-thaw cycle, all of that weakens the ice," Leonard said.

He says much of the snow is melted off the ice, making the sun have a bigger impact. Plus, with rain in the forecast this week, the ice will continue to deteriorate.

"You’ve got two things happening: the water underneath the ice is warmer than the ice. The water that’s falling on top of the ice is warmer than the ice, so you create some pitting and some even greater fracturing potential in that ice," Leonard said.