Mississippi and St. Croix rivers at major flood stage

The St. Croix River is at major flood stage in Stillwater, and the Mississippi River is at major flood state in St. Paul. Both rivers are expected to keep rising for the next few days, and some scattered homes and businesses are taking precautions.

"This will be our fourth time sandbagging, so that's pretty exhausting in itself," said Cindy Ellerbrock, who’s live in her Bayport home for 16 years. "We don't know how much more we can take of this. The clean-up is almost worse than the flood itself."

An inch or so of water covers Ellerbrock's basement, and her backyard is filled with murky water. She and her friend are wading knee-deep in the backyard water to fortify her home further as the water continues to rise in her alleyway.

"In the next day or two, it will be at the bottom of the shed, and then we'll have to get the stuff out of there," she said.

Meanwhile, trails, parks, and even some parking lots are underwater in St. Paul. 

"It's incredible the amount of water that it takes, not only is it that high, but then it's moving downstream," said Bob Wallace.

Harriet Island became a popular spectator spot this weekend for families like the Averbecks, who started their Sunday off at the Science Museum.

"When you're in the tugboat exhibit, you can kind of see over the river. I thought we'd come over and take a look. You don't get to see the water this high very often," said Cal Averbeck.