Minnetonka High School's skilled trades program gets students ready for real world

A skilled trades program at Minnetonka High School is getting students ready for the real world.

Momentum was launched in the 2020-21 school year, offering courses related to aviation, automotive, and construction. The aviation program launched this school year and it filled up fast, with classes now full. A new facility focused specifically on aviation is expected to open in the coming weeks, offering three flight simulators and more hands-on resources for aspiring pilots and those wanting to work in the aviation industry.

Students recently built an ice house from scratch, using the skills they learned from the program. They applied many construction systems including wood, electrical, plumbing, HVAC to get the ice house up and running. 

Brent Veninga, the director of the Momentum program, says the plan is to sell the ice houses and use the funds toward resources for the next school year. Students have started building another ice house, with other projects in the works. Students who are considering careers in skilled trades are encouraged to enroll. Registration for next school year is now open.