Minnesotans enjoy weekend warmup outside, but fear for their pipes at home

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It almost feels like spring out there, but going from bitter to balmy doesn’t come without a price.

Coming off a week of sub-zero temps, this weekend’s warmup comes as welcome relief for some. For others, it’s a headache.

Friday, a frozen pipe sent water gushing into a New Hope townhome.

“The rapid temperature rising caused the pipes to burst and flooded the entirety of the bottom floor here,” said Mikel Debia.

In all, three homes sustained damage.

Judith Omeko, who lives here with her two children, is in disbelief.

“The fans have been running all night,” Omeko said. “It’s like 200 degrees upstairs.”

In situations like this, the demand for help was so high, Restoration Professionals says that it had to purchase new equipment.

“In just this past week we’ve had an 80 percent increase in work flow, at the very least,” Debia said.

Enjoying the warmup

Meanwhile, at the Lake of the Isles Dog Park Saturday, it was a four-legged frenzy.

“I have never seen the dog park this busy,” said FOX 9 Meteorologist Jennifer McDermed.

McDermed and her pup Millie were taking in an afternoon outside after spending days indoors.

“I refused to take her outside when it was 55, 65 below zero. So, finally, we’re able to come to the dog park and I think a lot of dogs are enjoying it,” she said.

“To be out and about, it’s like a spring thaw,” said Eric Anderson.

Anderson and Don Taylor were among many enjoying the warmer temperatures while they last.

“When you go from 50 below to zero that’s like I could maybe wear shorts, so zero to 40 is like, let’s go to the beach,” Anderson added.